Monday, June 22, 2015



Man, last week was nuts.

Monday: nothing
Tuesday: um nothing
Wednesday: 3 miles, easy pace, with The H; arms
Thursday: XC Parent Meeting it's the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaaarrrr!
Friday: oops, nothing again
Saturday: 6 miles. SIX!
Sunday: 2 miles

I met up with ex-neighbor Will and his friend Shannon for an easy jaunt through Shady Canyon, which is not Shady (canyon of LIES).
So pretty. I suddenly remembered that I Really Love Running!

And Sunday, I ran into some sketchy characters on the bike path.
I really hate birds :(

This week....
Monday: rest haha
Tuesday: arms/core, 4 miles
Wednesday: legs
Thursday: arms/core, 4 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: 6 miles
Sunday: 2 miles

Monday, June 15, 2015


What a freaking week.

A guy at work recently moved to Florida, to the same area I used to live. While compiling a list for him of Great Things to do in Pinellas County, it crossed my mind that maaaaaybe I don't really hate Florida. It wasn't ALL bad....

And then something like this pops up, and it all comes flooding back.
Freaking Florida. 

Last week!
Tuesday: nothing. Apparently Tuesday is The Day All Hell Breaks Loose at Work, because the same thing happened to me the week before.
Wednesday: 3 miles run/walk, 25 min upper body.
Thursday: nothing, part two of The Day All Hell Breaks Loose at Work.
Friday: nothing
Saturday: 4 miles run/walk, 25 min upper body
Sunday: 5 miles local trails

I was really happy with the week overall - the miles are starting to feel easier, finally. I was beginning to think I was never going to be able to run again, but maybe I will be!

But it's certainly exhausting working myself out of the laziness slump.

This week!
Monday: rest. I had a really craptastic day at work, so.. I came home, sat down (and worked some more), ate ice cream and cookies, and wrote this fancy plan. 
Tuesday: 4 miles easy, legs/arms
Wednesday: 3 miles easy
Thursday: arms, XC Meeting
Friday:  rest
Saturday: 5 miles, arms
Sunday: rest

Apropos of nothing, I found these things HILARIOUS. 

If I make all the right decisions, and really push myself, I could ruin this marathon in record time.

There's a reason #1 isn't a jumper........

Monday, June 8, 2015


I ran 5 whole miles last week, so I'm probably marathon ready RIGHT NOW.

Last week...
Monday: 10 minute butt and thigh (killed me dead), abs/upper body (hard to do when you can't use your legs anymore...)
Tuesday: 3 miles easy* - was scheduled for 4 at run club, but work went berserk and I couldn't make it.
Wednesday: total body strength and cardio
Thursday: rest
Friday: 2 miles easy, arms and upper body
Saturday: Spectating CDM5K
Sunday: Nothing!

*I've been doing a run/walk interval (4:30min run, 30sec walk), while I get back to running regularly, and I really like it.

It's a mystery to me how I ever trained for marathons with a real job that forced me to keep regular hours. My current (awesome) job is incredibly flexible, I just haven't really taken advantage of it.

This week!
Monday: Strength. Maybe those same videos up there. Maybe.
Tuesday: 4 miles with Run Club
Wednesday: Total Body
Thursday: 3 miles easy
Friday: Arms
Saturday: 4 miles
Sunday: rest


I am SUPER DUPER excited for the new frap flavors from Sbux. I'm so ridiculous, because I don't ever really get fraps, but if it is limited release, then I MUST HAVE IT. I'm a marketing team's best friend.


Saturday AM I spectated while #1 ran CDM5K - #2 was going to run, but wasn't feeling well last week. WOMP.

Somehow (because she teleports, probably), she was this far behind this woman 50m from the finish line, and ended up beating her by a second.

#1 ran a 45 second PR, at 20:01 - which landed her 8th female overall, and SIXTH in her age group.

No wonder XC and Track in OC are so competitive. O.o

Monday, June 1, 2015


Here's something crazy. Do you know that just registering for a race doesn't make you suddenly do things?

It's true!

I ran once last week, it was non-impressive, but my husband said if I ran he would buy donuts, so I did.

the end.

It's like my brain has been rewired to make excuses and reason my way out of doing anything besides sitting on the couch? Like, I don't know what FitnessBlender video I want to do, and I've been clicking through for 30 seconds, so.... obviously I should just watch TV instead.

I'm not sure how to un-lazy myself :(.

Plan for THIS week!

I'm pretending like if I pick a video NOW, I'll have no reason not to do it this week. I've already done all the work for it.... Or something.

Monday: Arms/core - this is my favorite video
Tuesday: 4 easy with run club
Wednesday: Legs/hiit - I hate/love this video.
Thursday: 3 easy, arms/core
Friday: Legs/hiit
Saturday: rest day/CDM5K*
Sunday: "Long", 4 easy

*I'm not running - #1 and #2 are! I'm pretty excited to spectate the heck out of the morning. Also, #2 doesn't like creme brulee, so I'm also pretty excited to have hers.

Track banquet marks the FOR REAL end of track season! This was a long, long, LONG season, so it seems fitting that the banquet was the longest thing ever. There are SO many awards, and so many kids, and I KNOW it's nice to recognize them all and whatever, but seriously, 2 hours of recognition is just so very, very long.

Unless it's my kid, then it's great. #1 was awarded Most Outstanding Distance Athlete of the year! The boys team won our division title this year, and the head coach announced that he expects the girls to also take the title in the next two years. #1's face went like...

Can't wait for #2 to join the fun.

Well, "fun".

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


So, let's catch up? I kind of assume if you're reading this, we've kept in touch through other social media, but it feels awkward to just start talking about training as if I didn't resurrect this space after a lengthy vacation.

#3 is still happy and healthy, with so much hair. 

#2 is a mini-me. She would be loathe to admit it, but... it's truuuuuuue. She's going to be in high school in the fall, and is joining XC/track. Wheeeee.

#1 had a KILLER track season, setting meet records, PR'ing with a 5:14 1600 and 11:17 3200, taking 3rd place in league, and going to CIF prelims.

We spent the Memorial Day weekend heading north.

And on our first college visit because I am OLD.
So that was exciting.

PF(What's Left Of The)Week!

Wednesday: 3 easy, arms
Thursday: Lower body
Friday: 3 easy, arms
Saturday: 4 easy ("long")
Sunday: Rest, track banquet

I've been very, very slowly working back into running - it's shocking and humbling when you run zero miles for months, and then try to run 2-3 miles. 

After running Holiday Half (which I didn't blog about, but Becka did!), I had a thutt situation that I decided to rest, which rolled right into "resting" for 3 months. Okay, 5 months. 

I've been wanting to get back, and craving that terrible dead-leg-post 20-miler feeling, but was stuck in this cycle of well, I'm not registered for anything, so it's hard to be motivated to train, but I want to register for something, but what if I don't train. 

So obviously.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


I registered for CIM (again, remember when?!), so maybe... I'll blog, too? Since apparently I stopped running around the same time I stopped blogging, the two activities are meant to go together?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

All the small things

There are so many exciting things happening, I barely even know how to start!

1. Work is still great. Part of what I do involves searching up things that land me at stuff like this
I lol'ed for like five minutes.

2. I just bought tickets to see BFF Evan Dando (and Psychadelic Furs) next week at Downtown Disney. This is, like, sensory overload, these are all of my most favorite things! 

3. AND THEN I was lamenting to The H that it had been awhile since I'd seen Mighty Mighty Bosstones on the west coast, so I googled, and SURPRISE FOR ME, they'll be here in December! So psyched. 

4. XC season is coming to an end - our league finals were last week, and we came in 3rd in the league. Next weekend they head out to Mt. Sac for Southern Section prelims, and I anticipate the following week, they'll be heading to Finals. I don't think states are in the cards for them this year, but.... it could be close!

5. I haven't publicly discussed it too much, but #1 has had a tough season. I think (and her coaches agree) she's just a bit overtrained and her legs aren't recovering very well - her times got slower and slower (lol at 19:30 for 3 miles being slow), and her legs felt tireder and tireder. After a week of intensive massage, stretch, roll, and ice, she finally bounced back a bit for the league finals. Her confidence has taken a bit of a hit the last few weeks, so I'm really glad she had a strong race to close out the season, before heading into post-season competition. 

I believe the haircut is what worked a magic run fast spell on her. 
It takes sole.

6. I cross-trained 4 days last week, and ran twice, so Desi and Shalane should just step aside right now, because I'm the Greatest Athlete Ever.

7. Related to Desi/Shalane, I wish Kara would stop crying. But I have a cold, dead heart.

8. I am DYING DYING DYING for a race-cation. I can't find a spring/fall race that I'm obsessed with, though. Sad times.

9. This time change is not the greatest. I keep waking up toooooo early, and one day last week, I made cookies by 6am. Lame-slash-awesome.

10. THE END.


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