Saturday, May 23, 2015


I registered for CIM (again, remember when?!), so maybe... I'll blog, too? Since apparently I stopped running around the same time I stopped blogging, the two activities are meant to go together?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

All the small things

There are so many exciting things happening, I barely even know how to start!

1. Work is still great. Part of what I do involves searching up things that land me at stuff like this
I lol'ed for like five minutes.

2. I just bought tickets to see BFF Evan Dando (and Psychadelic Furs) next week at Downtown Disney. This is, like, sensory overload, these are all of my most favorite things! 

3. AND THEN I was lamenting to The H that it had been awhile since I'd seen Mighty Mighty Bosstones on the west coast, so I googled, and SURPRISE FOR ME, they'll be here in December! So psyched. 

4. XC season is coming to an end - our league finals were last week, and we came in 3rd in the league. Next weekend they head out to Mt. Sac for Southern Section prelims, and I anticipate the following week, they'll be heading to Finals. I don't think states are in the cards for them this year, but.... it could be close!

5. I haven't publicly discussed it too much, but #1 has had a tough season. I think (and her coaches agree) she's just a bit overtrained and her legs aren't recovering very well - her times got slower and slower (lol at 19:30 for 3 miles being slow), and her legs felt tireder and tireder. After a week of intensive massage, stretch, roll, and ice, she finally bounced back a bit for the league finals. Her confidence has taken a bit of a hit the last few weeks, so I'm really glad she had a strong race to close out the season, before heading into post-season competition. 

I believe the haircut is what worked a magic run fast spell on her. 
It takes sole.

6. I cross-trained 4 days last week, and ran twice, so Desi and Shalane should just step aside right now, because I'm the Greatest Athlete Ever.

7. Related to Desi/Shalane, I wish Kara would stop crying. But I have a cold, dead heart.

8. I am DYING DYING DYING for a race-cation. I can't find a spring/fall race that I'm obsessed with, though. Sad times.

9. This time change is not the greatest. I keep waking up toooooo early, and one day last week, I made cookies by 6am. Lame-slash-awesome.

10. THE END.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spooky 10K - Race Recap / PFTW

hey guys! I ran a race!

It was in a new-to-me area, that was not the worst place I've ever been.

Dana Point, Salt Creek Beach

Since I haven't really run anything AT ALL in months, I elected to not run the 10 miler, and instead pace friend Will in the 10k. We had a goal of around 11:30 pace, and planned to go out conservative, because - surprise! - the course was hilly, hilly, hilly.

The race promised tricks AND treats, so I'll let you ponder which is which.

Logistically, the race was spot on - Renegade Race Series always puts on a stellar event, which I really appreciate. Easy parking, easy packet pick up, course was well marked and well supported.

The age group awards were AMAZING.

Super cute short-sleeve cotton tee, and medal for the 5k/10k (the 10 mile also had a great medal).

I obviously had the Most Fun Ever.

Summary: Great event - there are also kids' races, pumpkin decorating contests, costume contests, and a small expo. Parking was a breeze. Well marked out and back course. Lots of hills. Lots of great views. Loved it!!


So, last week, I did stuff!

Fitness Blender introduced a 5-day Plan for BUSY PEOPLE, of which I am one, so I did it. It wasn't the worst, but it was certainly hard. It's so awkward to start working out and realize that you have become incredibly weak.

Since I ran a 10k in a fairly respectable time and felt GREAT, I figured I'd go ahead and start running again more regularly. I'd been procrastinating on this because I was really concerned that I'd forgotten HOW to run, and also the longer I remain lazy, the easier it is to remain lazy. But it was a really great time, and I remembered that I kind of do like running.

Also, because I registered for this:
I really make the BEST choices.

Monday: arms/abs FB video
Tuesday: 3-4 miles easy
Wednesday: Legs?
Thursday: rest - #1 is racing! maybe a video in the am
Friday: 3-4 miles easy
Saturday: rest!
Sunday: 5-6 easy

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What's this? What's this? What is THIS! PFTW.

(I've been working hard on convincing Gab we should go to Disneyland for her birthday, and have Nightmare Before Christmas on the brain)

Last night, I did a Fitness Blender video. It for REAL almost made me vomit and/or pass out.

This is very sad, because in the not-too-distant-past, this video was challenging, but not That Hard.

It shouldn't come as a shock, but it was: working out does not become any easier when you take a month+ off.

Monday: I did this video. More accurately, it did me (in).

Tuesday: While I would like to say I will run, HAHAHAHA. I will probably do an arms/cardio video.

Wednesday: Total body OR lower body. Maaaaaaybe a run?

Thursday: #1 is racing, so rest day (besides all the trekking around following her race).

Friday: Arms/Cardio

Saturday: Gabby's birthday!

Sunday: RUN FOR REAL - 4ish.

I am not really feeling like running, so.... I don't know. I will, I just don't want to? Bah.


XC Update??

#1 had a KILLER race on Saturday - they ran an event that was new-to-them, so we didn't know much about the course. For any other XC teams considering the Central Park Invite in Huntington Beach... let me tell you, that course is not easy. It is lovely, and great for spectators, and seems like a real XC course - it has everything, wood chips, trail, roots, hills, sand, grass. It was fun... for us to watch.

It was also 90* and sunny, and she raced in the hottest part of the day, so that was not great.

And yet... she ran a really, really strong race.
Do you know that she passed EVERY SINGLE GIRL in those pictures?? Including that one on the bottom right in the red jersey waaaaay ahead of her IN THE FINISH CHUTE??? She's been working hard on finishing strong, so.... I guess that's working out okay for her.
They finished 2nd overall in the girl's varsity race, finishing ahead of some incredibly strong (and high ranked) schools. Wheee.
This week is her first league meet, so that's pretty exciting. 
Also exciting, is the introduction of the parent's hospitality tent. Why yes, I WOULD enjoy standing in your shade and thank you for the muffins and coffee.
XC is really the best.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Y'all, it's hard to figure out what to blog about when I'm not running.

I LOVE my job so far, and everyone here. I really, really didn't like my last job. I'm at the end of my fourth week here, and it's so great being trusted to handle the responsibility I was hired for. The work I'm doing is certainly nothing earth-shaking, but it's engaging and really fun. AND THE PEOPLE ARE SO GREAT. Also, fun fact, it's a restaurant marketing company, so they keep us really well fed. Which really makes the not running extra trecherous....

But after spending a year+ having allthetime, I totally feel like now, I have NONE of the time. It's befuddling to me how I ever trained for marathons AND worked full time.

I recognize that I'm just making excuses and being whiny, because in reality, I'm working great hours, I get to take the kids to school, and my commute is half of what it used to be. I just can't seem to get it together. Yet. I'm sure I will. I'm just adjusting still, I guess.

2. Would you like to see my kids instead?
First day of school!

ignore the dining room that is currently in remodel phase...
Me: Take a quick picture I can send to grandma.

#2: Like this!

Um. Okay, then.

3. Cross Country season is in full swing, and there are so many numbers and statistics and man I love it! For the first time in years, #1's girls' varsity team was not ranked in our division, and the coach was very sad about that. To be fair, they lost the three strongest runners when they insisted on graduating and going off to college or some nonsense.

But the new team is working hard, and they're doing pretty well - they're all better than they were at the start of last year, so hopefully that trajectory continues.

I was SUPER excited to hear that they were going to be bussed to the races this year, so we didn't have to go so so so early, and STAY all day.

I was SUPER excited to hear that, until this news was followed up with instructions to have them at the school by 5:45am on race days. That is less appealing to me.


Our school hosts the third largest invite in the country - this year was the 34th year, and it's AN ORDEAL. The kids head over on Friday before lunch, then work to set up the course and act as course monitors, leaving after the last race around 11pm. The next day, they race while parents are course monitor, from 2-10. AND THEN we get to break down the entire course, and transport everything back to the moving trucks. It's a pretty special time.

I don't even get to watch her race!

The highlight of the evening was when the company that supplied the timing chips advised a group of 50 kids at 11pm that all FIFTEEN THOUSAND chips needed to be sorted into numerical order. That was really fun.

The next morning, a friend alerted me to this cool shot in the local paper.
Which was followed by 20 minutes of me driving all over Irvine looking for a copy, only to be thwarted by Late Sunday edition I could find being different from the home delivery edition he was showing me. It's all cool, though, because I totally snagged some killer coupons, so it paid for itself, because last night I used it to buy 10 yogurts for $3. #ExtremeCouponing

Monday, September 15, 2014

Don't Call it a Comeback

Because I don't know if this will stick.

First, some SoCal holiday race discounts, and then I'll update on the exciting happenings around here. (that's an exaggeration, kind of).

The INAUGURAL Halloween Terrifying Ten Miler!!!

They're so cute!!!
There's a 10 mile, 5k, 10k, and kids Super Hero run - I'm SO excited for this one! Oct. 26 in Dana Point - I hear the course is beautiful. You can register HERE - I'll be running the 10 mile!

The Turkey Tri, Pumpkin Pie Kids Du, and Turkey Trot in Bonelli Park in San Dimas
November 22 and 23 - register HERE.

And finally, my FAVORITE race of the holiday season, the Troutman Sanders Renegade Santa Run.

This is home to my 10k and 5k PR's, so obviously there's something magical about the course. That's the only explanation. The race is fun, the medals are adorable, there's a kids' race, and there's a costume contest, so obvs it's the best ever. Previous recaps here for the 10k, and here for the 5k. Register HERE.

You can use HEATHERDISCOUNT for all of these to save an extra 10% - Renegade Races are really reasonably priced, and they consistently have great organization and swag - I love being able to support a local company that's so fantastic.


July was spent mostly wallowing in the lack of job, and waiting waiting waiting waiting and hoping hoping hoping for a position I was interviewing for to come through (seriously, I think I started interviewing in late April? May?).

I also started marathon training! I picked a pretty big goal, and my training started really great.

And then August.

We spent a few weeks in Florida visiting our families - a week in Miami, then up to the Tampa area - and my training stopped dead. I really thought I could rearrange my training schedule to run just short/speedy runs during the time I was there - so I ran 15 miles the day before we left, and planned to run long the day we returned.

None of those planned things happened. We went out for a run the second day we were in Miami, and I couldn't hang. Florida/other Southern State people, I don't understand how you do it.
At least it was pretty?

When I wasn't heaving my way through stupid 2-3 mile runs, we did some fun things.
#nofilter, Dunedin 
Fun fact - there were DOLPHINS AND MANATEES by those rocks. O.o.
Ft DeSoto

Later, gator.

It was a really great trip, even if we didn't fit Disney World in there.

And then my IL's were visiting us, so training continued to be derailed.

And then XC started again.

The Face of Fast?

And then - THEN....

I got a job. 

And that brings us to right now.

I started working last week, and so far, it's been pretty great. They had an incredibly long hiring process, which I admit, I mocked mercilessly at the time.... but everyone I've met has been wonderful, and so funny, and nice-but-not-too-nice-but-still-snarky, so obviously that's the culture they've been trying to build and this process apparently works for them.

I am working in secret places, no one can see.

I ran zero miles last week, so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna drop the marathon in November plan, because I just don't feel like I have time to train properly - getting back into working, and school, and figuring out schedules is more complicated than I remembered, so I don't want to overly complicate things by throwing in marathon training, too.


I've decided to go for a half PR in late December at San Diego Holiday Half - I heard it was super fun, and it should be an easy target because it's downhill HA. Friend Shannon-the-no-longer-blogger is running, too, so I'm excited. And it gives me heaps of free time to get through new job and XC season.

so. Hi. Maybe I'll be back, because I really do enjoy documenting my training.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Trail Run #1 Recap / PFTW

Ways to make a trail race seem like an awful idea:

  • run when it's super hot and sunny
  • eat pizza immediately before leaving the house
  • do a hiit video in the morning

This was not ideal, but somehow (probably because we're just the fastest people ever), Angry Julie and I squeaked out a course PR by FIVE MINUTES. We're amazing runners, obvs.

The course this time was the counter-clockwise loop. For some unknown reason, we (Julie, Sheila and I) decided that we remembered this route being eaaaaaasy. This was a lie, because it was HARD. Okay, maybe it was harder than we remembered because last year when we did this one, it was cool and overcast.

We started right on time (this really is the start line, despite it saying Finish), like all of Renegade's events. There were three water stations available on the course - one at about a mile, one around mile 2.5ish, and one at mile 4.

The course starts off running the bike path into the back of Peter's Canyon park, up to the ridgeline. The ridge was hot hot hot hot and so dusty, because hello drought. There are - I think? - 4 or 5 big climbs before you start downhill, then down into the canyon on the way back - and it was glorious and cool down there. Perfect.
Number 1....

We finished right around 55:35, and our time on this last year was 1:00:25, I think, so despite FEELING like it was very rough, I was pretty pleased with the time.

After the race, you're given a choice of barbeque or t-shirt (the shirt is the same for all three races in the series, and you can also choose to do both the food and the shirt for an extra $5). I always choose the food, obviously.

I really, REALLY love these races - there is a kids' obstacle course at the finish line area, and it's just so fun and family friendly.

The next race is July 10th, running the clockwise version of the course - last time, we ran faster on that course, so maybe we can PR AGAIN.

We are the champions.


Quick recap of last week/PFTW

Monday: Nada

Tuesday: run
4 easy easy miles with run club. I am LOVING this new run club - it is a fun, social run organized by Lifetime Run. The only con (for me) is the distance - we start at the Lifetime Fitness in Laguna, so it's a bit of a trek, but luckily I've worked out some carpooling with a friend close by. (Tuesday evenings at 5:45, 1 hour - join us!)

Wednesday: Nothing

Thursday: XT, trails
I forgot that I hate HIIT. I got confused, because the video I selected was only 16 minutes, so I thought... huh, how bad could that be. THE WORST EVER, BECAUSE HIIT SUCKS. I kid, it was fine, just really hard. I did THIS video, followed by 9 minute abs/obliques, and then 20 minute Lean Arms workout - did you know rhomboids are the weakest muscles ever? I hadn't done this video in awhile, but I immediately remembered. All videos courtesy of Fitness Blender, of course.

Trail run in the evening.

Friday: Nada
Saturday: Again nothing

Sunday: "long"
6 miles - 1 mile solo, 4 with a friend, 1 with The H - he's been injured, and wanted to see how things were feeling. Apparently they're feeling GREAT, because he ran faster than me JERK.

I feel like I'm missing a key component to triathlon training. OH RIGHT, EVERYTHING BESIDES RUNNING. Hashtag lazy.


Monday: 3 miles easy (spoiler alert, I did 3 easy trail miles yesterday)
Tuesday: 4 easy, arms
Wednesday: Swim/Bike hahahaha
Thursday: 5 with 800s gross, arms
Friday: Swim/Bike
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 8 miles


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